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Benefits of Greenify (Green Tea Extract)

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, and its extract is a valuable supplement for everyone. The medicinal uses of green tea originated thousands of years ago in China. It was used as a stimulant for energy, an astringent for healing wounds, and a diuretic for ridding excess fluids in the body. It could also improve heart health, regulate body temperature, boost mental health, and promote digestion.

Green teas antibacterial and antiviral properties help treat and prevent a wide variety of illnesses, and its catechins, or antioxidants, have countless health benefits.

Taking green tea extract as a supplement can be even more powerful than drinking the tea. Supplements have more catechins and polyphenols than the drink, so they maximize the health benefits. Some of Greenifys benefits include:

Weight Loss

According to the Nutrition Hospital in Spain, green tea has a thermogenic effect favoring weight and body fat loss. Therefore, green tea supplements can be a great aid in weight loss for a variety of reasons.1 They can:

Provide Energy

Green tea contains caffeine, which can provide you with a burst of energy and make you more active. Although it has less caffeine than coffee, it has enough to give you energy without giving you the jitters. According to the American Journal for Clinical Nutrition, caffeine can increase fat burning in your body and improve your exercise performance.2

Even if you dont exercise after taking green tea supplements, you may feel motivated to move around more with the extra energy. This will help you burn more calories in your day-to-day life, leading to weight loss.

Boost Metabolism

Usually, your metabolism is mostly stable and consistent. However, some diet and lifestyle changes can make slight differences to your metabolic rate. Your body burns calories daily just by existing and functioning, and the amount of calories it burns is its metabolic rate, or metabolism.

Green tea can slightly boost your metabolism. Many studies show a metabolic increase of three to four percent. This may not seem like much, but for an average person burning 2,000 calories per day, this is between 60 and 80 additional calories burned daily. For an entire year, this adds up to six to eight pounds of weight loss without any other diet or lifestyle changes. Some studies show that green tea can increase the metabolism by as much as eight percent for some people, leading to even greater weight loss.

One study on Physiology & Behavior compared a group of obese individuals taking green tea extract with a group not taking the supplement. The group who took green tea extract lost an average of 7.3 pounds in three months and burned an average of 183 calories per day more than the group that went without green tea. This was likely a combination of metabolic increase and extra energy for exercise or movement.3

If weight loss is your goal, green tea supplements might not bring you to your goal as quickly as youd hope for. However, Greenify can help you make slow but steady weight loss progress, and it can be a great additional strategy to speed up weight loss along with diet and exercise.

Increase Fat Oxidation

Green tea supplements can also help your body break down fat more quickly than it normally does. Green tea contains EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate, a catechin that inhibits an enzyme responsible for breaking down norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a hormone that sends a signal to fat cells, causing the cells to break down. When the breakdown of norepinephrine is inhibited, your body has more of the hormone, and the signal to the fat cells becomes stronger. Fat cells break down and are released into the bloodstream, where your body uses them as energy. The more fat cells break down, the more weight you will lose.

In one study by The American Society of Nutrition, EGCG increased the breakdown of fat by as much as 33 percent. It usually has the biggest effect within two hours after eating a meal.4

Green tea supplements may be particularly effective at targeting visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat exists right under the skin, but visceral fat surrounds the organs and can cause many health issues. Although just taking green tea extract without other diet or lifestyle changes may only cause a few pounds of weight loss, a large percentage of this fat loss tends to be visceral fat. Therefore, it reduces the risk for many diseases and can help individuals live longer and healthier lives.

EGCG is especially effective at burning fat during exercise. One study showed that men burned 17 percent more fat while exercising if they took green tea extract than if they hadnt taken the supplement. Several other studies also show green teas fat burning effects during exercise and during rest.

Suppress Appetite

Although studies show conflicting results about whether or not green tea suppresses appetite, it may affect appetite for some people. Some people report feeling a decrease in appetite when they regularly drink green tea or take a supplement. This is likely because of the caffeine content, as caffeine can sometimes cause temporary appetite suppression. This may not work for everyone, but it is possible that it could help you with weight loss.

Many studies, like the American Society for Nutrition, show green teas powerful effects on weight and fat loss.5 However, its important not to go overboard with green tea supplements. Too much of a good thing is possible with the catechins in green tea, so avoid taking more than the recommended amount in hopes of burning more fat. This wont work, and it could create a health risk. The recommended amount is the correct quantity for targeting fat and promoting weight loss.

Brain Health

Greenify can have powerful effects on the brain, whether you have a cognitive health issue or you just want to feel more focused and alert. Green tea catechins, especially EGCG, can help with:

Cognitive Deterioration

Green tea supplements can be extremely helpful for people with Alzheimers, Parkinsons, or other conditions that cause cognitive deterioration and memory loss with age.

In a study on mice, green tea prevented brain cells from dying and even restored brain cells that were already damaged. In a different study on aging rats, scientists gave the rats concentrates of green tea catechins and blueberry anthocyanins. Both of these substances helped improve the function of BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. A highly-functioning BDNF helps brains stay young and can prevent memory issues or other cognitive problems. Over six weeks, the rats showed significant improvement in memory, as if the aging process in their brains was reversed.

The scientists conducting this study believe that this means that green tea catechins can prevent or even reverse cognitive decline with age. The results could be especially powerful when combined with other activities that improve brain functioning, like exercising or learning a new skill.

Another study conducted in 2014 at the University of Basel, used 12 healthy participants. The researchers imaged the participants brains to observe the connectivity in different regions of the brain. Then, they were given green tea extract nasally, which prevented them from tasting the extract and experiencing a placebo effect. The extract was equivalent to one or two cups of tea. After four weeks, the participants showed improved connectivity in the brain regions associated with memory. The studys leader, Professor Stefan Borgwadt, says that although it was a small study on healthy individuals, the results seem promising.6

Memory loss and cognitive deterioration is an unfortunate but common occurrence in aging individuals. However, the EGCG in Greenify can enhance cognitive functioning and even reverse signs of cognitive decay.

Down Syndrome

Down syndrome occurs when people are born with an extra copy of chromosome 21. The disorder results in a range of physical and intellectual disabilities because the extra chromosome causes more genes to be expressed in the bodys cells.

Mara Dierssen, the leader of the Systems Biology Group at the Center for Genomic Regulation, searched for which genes may contribute more to Down syndrome. She discovered that the DYRK1A gene is responsible for many of the disorders neurological and physical symptoms. By manipulating this gene, it could be possible to reduce some of the symptoms of Down syndrome.

Dierssen and her team looked at the EGCG in green tea to control DYRK1A gene and improve Down syndrome symptoms. They observed 87 adults with Down syndrome and gave half of the group pills with EGCG for one year. The other half of the group received placebo pills. Those with EGCG performed better in Dierssens visual memory tests, and they demonstrated a better ability to plan, make calculations, and control responses. Brain scans showed improvements in nerve cell connectivity in the regions of the brain responsible for language. Even after the study, some participants showed these improvements for an additional six months.

Green tea supplements arent a cure for Down syndrome, and they wont completely alleviate all the mental and physical symptoms of the disorder. However, they can improve some of the symptoms. Dierssens study will probably be the first of many studies about the effectiveness of green tea for Down syndrome symptoms. Other research teams, like The Lancet Neurology Team hope to continue with more EGCG tests to learn more about its potential.7

Overall Mental Health

Even if youre not trying to target a particular cognitive issue, Greenify can boost your overall mental health and greatly improve your quality of life. Green tea contains theanine, an amino acid that can be very relaxing and may reduce feelings of depression or anxiety in some people. L-theanine can also increase your ability to focus, which can help you feel calmer and less stressed throughout your day-to-day life.

The study of Phyto Medicine by the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy presented evidence that "green tea influences psychopathological symptoms (e.g. reduction of anxiety), cognition (e.g. benefits in memory and attention) and brain function (e.g. activation of working memory seen in functional MRI)".8


Green tea supplements are also very helpful for skincare. They can protect your skin from damage, treat a wide variety of skin problems, and improve the overall appearance of your skin. Some of green teas many skincare benefits include:

Decreased UV Damage and Fewer Free Radicals

Free radicals are molecules that are short one electron, which makes them unstable and potentially harmful. They sometimes form in the skin after exposure to toxins or UV radiation, and they can cause your skin to age prematurely. The best way to prevent and remove free radicals in your skin is to use antioxidants, and the antioxidants in green tea are very effective.

Green tea extract can also neutralize damage caused by UV rays. In a study from Case Western Reserve University, participants were completely protected from sunburns when they applied 4 milligrams of green tea extract per 2.4 square centimeters of skin area. Even just 1 milligram provided some protection from the sun. UV rays are the leading cause of premature aging and skin cancer, so green tea extract can help prevent these problems.9

However, dont give up your sunscreen in favor of green tea extract. More research is needed before experts know enough about green tea and the sun. For now, it can make a great addition to your sunscreen for maximum protection from the sun.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Some studies, like the University of Alabama, Department of Dermatology, suggest that green tea blocks some of the harmful enzymes that cause skin cancer. A UK study from 2007 showed that individuals who drank at least two cups of green tea daily had a 65 percent lower chance of developing squamous cell carcinoma than those who didnt drink green tea. The protection from UV rays can also help prevent skin cancer.10

Skin Cell Rejuvenation

EGCG can stimulate aged keratinocytes, which can promote skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Green tea extract can also speed up wound healing and improve the treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea.

According to Science Daily EGCG reactivates skin cells on the upper layer of the skin that are near the end of their life. Skin cells are always dividing or differentiating, but when they reach the top layer of the skin, they slow down and prepare to die. They usually die about a month into their life cycle, but EGCG helps them start dividing again instead of dying.11

Because the skin cells become more active after absorbing EGCG, green tea can prevent scarring. When the skin cells on the top layer are dying, the skin cant heal quickly from wounds or infections, and scar tissue forms. If the cells continue to differentiate instead of dying, the healing process will be much quicker with less scarring. This could be especially helpful for people with conditions like diabetes that impair the bodys wound-healing process.

Inflammation and Acne Treatment

Green tea can help soothe red and sensitive skin. It can also ease acne breakouts because it has strong antibacterial properties and can decrease hormone activity. A Semantic Scholar Study found that green tea was just as effective as benzoyl peroxide cream for treating acne, and it didnt cause any irritation or damage that often occurs with benzoyl peroxide. Greenify supplements can also lighten and brighten your skin and improve your overall complexion.12

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Green tea extract can make the lining of the blood vessels more relaxed, which improves their ability to handle blood pressure changes. It also may prevent blood clots, a major cause of heart attacks. Some studies show that EGCG may prevent stroke, arteriosclerosis, and cerebral thrombosis.

One study reported on in the Harvard Heart Letter showed that people who regularly drank green tea had a lower risk of coronary artery disease than those who didnt drink green tea. Green tea can also reduce your bad cholesterol levels and increase your ratio of good to bad cholesterol.13

Whether youre currently at risk for heart problems or want to maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system, the EGCG in Greenify can promote heart health.

Lowered Diabetes Risk

Green tea supplements can help your body regulate its glucose levels. This will slow down the blood sugar rise after you eat, preventing high insulin spikes. A study using oral green tea supplements showed that EGCG enhanced glucose tolerance in diabetic mice. Harvard-led studies shows tea drinkers are at lower risk for diabetes. Another study showed that green tea helped diabetic mice as much as Avandia, a diabetic drug. However, the mice in this study were moderately diabetic, and green tea was not as effective for mice with severe diabetes.13

Lowered Cancer Risk

Studies from Harvard Health have shown that green tea can lighten and brighten skin and improve complexion. Some components in green tea can decrease the proteins involved in angiogenesis, cell motility, cell signalization, and inflammation. Green tea extract can also stop the production of tumor cells in some individuals. It can even decrease the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors. Green tea is also effective for reducing the risk of esophageal cancer.14

Tooth Decay Prevention

Green tea has excellent antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so its great for maintaining oral health. Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry says tea has a role in preventing dental decay. It contains antioxidants that destroy bacteria and viruses in the mouth that can lead to cavities, throat infections, and other dental issues. If you want to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and other oral health concerns, green tea supplements can be a great addition to your dental care routine. 15

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Greenify Green Tea Extract Offers Substantial Health Benefits

Made from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Green tea extract is derived from the plant’s dried leaves and leaf buds. It has been proven over centuries, that green tea extract offers tremendous benefits for optimum health and vitality. Green tea extract comes in different forms. Concentrated capsules make it especially easy and convenient to add to your daily supplement routine.

Greenify is made with 100 percent natural ingredients, is approved by the FDA and is certified by both NSF and GMP, manufacturing facilities in the U.S. known for following the most stringent safety guidelines.

Among the most common benefits are:

Natural Weight Loss & Appetite Control
• Catechins in green tea have a thermogenic, or fat burning effect and naturally increases the body’s metabolism, which when elevated can aid in weight loss and appetite control.

Cell Rejuvenation
• When Green Tea Extract is enriched with polyphenol catechins and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), its combined antioxidant properties help prevent cell damage and provides an optimal environment for cell rejuvenation.

Caffeine Boost without the Jitters
• Green tea extract also contains naturally-occurring caffeine which helps prevent fatigue by providing extra energy without the crash that often occurs after ingesting high-caffeine beverages, caffeine pills or other caffeine supplements.

Antioxidant Protection
• Natural antioxidants from green tea aid against free radical damage and supports a healthy immune system. (product name) includes polyphenol catechins and Epigallocatechin Gallate, which not only helps fight cell damage, but promote fat oxidations.

Enhance Brain Power
• The combination of caffeine and L-theanine in Green Tea has been proven over centuries to help the human brain function better, improving a person’s mood, vigilance, reaction time and memory.

All Natural Ingredients:

Green Tea Leaf 95% Extract

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