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HeartMaxx Supplement: Omega 3 Power

HeartMaxx is a high-quality omega-3 supplement designed with the active male in mind. We know you strive to give your best to your family and your career each and every day. We strive to bring you the best in nutritional support, and thats why we designed HeartMaxx.

HeartMaxx contains 1000 mg of fish oil, along with both EPA and DHA long chain fatty acids. These prime ingredients make HeartMaxx the perfect supplement for men looking to take charge of their cardiovascular health. We gather and utilize only the finest fish oil from cold water fish including anchovies, sardines, and salmon to bring you a quality health supplement that will make a real difference in your life. HeartMaxx contains no fillers, preservatives, artificial colors, sugar, or yeast, so you can rest assured you are getting the best quality supplement around.

Each dose of HeartMaxx provides you with a whopping 1000 mg of fish oil extracted from the best quality cold-water fish, as well as 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA.

HeartMaxx does so much more than protect your heart and cardiovascular system as the name implies. Research has shown that the regular use of supplemental omega-3 fatty acids can assist with a wide variety of health problems. Below we will look at the benefits of supplementing with omega-3 fish oil in a little more depth.

Recent research has indicated that consuming fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help with the following health concerns:

Weight Loss and Maintenance

The epidemic of overweight and obesity has taken over America and represents a serious challenge to our overall health. Fat in the abdominal region seems to be particularly problematic, and it can influence the way our internal organs function. Supplementation with fish oil has been shown to help reduce belly fat and encourage overall weight loss. How is this so? It appears that fish oil contributes to a healthy metabolism and an improved ratio of lean muscle to fat. This contributes to a reduction in weight and an easier time maintaining a healthy weight once it is achieved. 1

Healthy Hair and Skin

Many people frequently complain about dry skin and breakouts, especially during certain times of the year. According to research specialists, skin and hair issues are often due to environmental factors such as a dry climate. The regular consumption of a high-quality omega-3 supplement appears to help provide lubrication to the skin, keeping it moist even during the harshest of winters. Additionally, the same benefit can be seen in the hair and nails 2. Healthy fats such as those supplied by HeartMaxx help provide essential fatty acids that moisturize and protect all parts of your body, inside and out.

Heart Attacks, Strokes, and High Blood Pressure

Omega-3 fatty acids are called essential fatty acids because we have to obtain them from food. Our bodies do not produce these acids on their own. A deficiency in essential fatty acids can increase inflammation, promote restriction of the blood vessels, and create thicker blood that doesnt circulate through the body as easily as it should. All of these factors raise your risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. Scientific research, from the Univerity of Maryland, has concluded that regular consumption of fish oil helps to reduce inflammation and correct deficiencies that can increase your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. 3


Diabetes is becoming increasingly common among all age categories. It is estimated that about 16 million Americans currently suffer from this condition, and that number is expected to rise in the coming years.

While it was previously demonstrated that animal foods had a negative effect on those suffering from diabetes, this is not the case with fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids seem to help regulate an important hormone known as adiponectin. This hormone is closely connected to insulin sensitivity, a precursor for the development of full-blown diabetes. Regulation of this hormone is also protective against heart disease, making a high-quality omega-3 supplement a vital part of a good health care regime.4

Vision Disorders

Omega-3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for the health of our eyes and maintenance of good vision. Dry eye syndrome and macular degeneration becoming increasingly common with advancing age. Supplementing with a high-quality omega-3 rich fish oil promotes eye health in the following ways:

1. Decreases pressure in the eyes, lowering the risk of glaucoma 2. Promotes proper drainage of intraocular fluid 3. Lubricates the eyes to prevent dry eyes and macular degeneration5

Your vision is extremely important and once lost, it is not usually regained. You do not have to experience a loss of vision or dry eyes as you age. Protecting your eyes is easy with a supplement like HeartMaxx.

Improved Immune Function

Maintaining a healthy immune system protects us from a wide variety of issues. Having a strong immune system means that we get sick with colds and flu far less often, for starters. This can mean increased productivity and less money lost due to taking sick days off work. But our immune system also protects us from much more serious diseases such as the development of debilitating auto-immune diseases and even cancer.

Long-chain fatty acids such as those found in HeartMaxx help enhance the function of immune cells, leading to a boost in overall immune function. Nutrition Reviews research states that, fish oil also seems to improve the function of white blood cells that help fight infections and other pathogens. Consistent use of a product such as HeartMaxx can give you a stronger immune system to fight off common infections and protect yourself from serious health issues down the road6.


Arthritic conditions can be broken down into two general types. Osteoarthritis is the type most commonly associated with the general wear and tear that affects our joints as we age. Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that can result in severe deformities and crippling effects. Both conditions can be helped or even potentially avoided by the regular consumption of an omega-3 rich supplement such as HeartMaxx.

Osteoarthritis is often caused by a loss of the protective fluid that surrounds and lubricates our joints. This fluid helps keep our joints moving smoothly and without pain or restriction of motion. Supplementation with an omega-3 rich product can help keep our joints properly lubricated, leading to a reduced risk of osteoarthritis. If you already have osteoarthritis, you can experience a reduction in symptoms such as stiff and painful joints with supplementation of an omega-3 product.7

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are becoming increasingly common in our stress-filled world. It is estimated that at least 15 million Americans suffer from depression and anxiety, with these numbers increasing every year. Severe cases of depression can have life-altering effects, such as interfering with the quality of relationships and the maintenance of proper employment.

Omega-3 fatty acids play a vital role in brain function. This includes important aspects such as our mood and how we respond to stressful life events. Research has shown that low levels of EPA and DHA contribute to the development of depression and anxiety. Research like the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine states, high-dose supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to be as effective as many prescription drugs used to treat depression, without the negative side effects that these drugs can sometimes create.8 Since cold-water fish are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, HeartMaxx is an excellent choice for the maintenance of your brain health and mood.


The American Psychiatric Association reports that an estimated 6.4 million Americans suffer from ADD or ADHD. In children, these disorders can result in extreme difficulties learning and retaining information in school. In adults, these same conditions can negatively impact the ability to maintain healthy relationships and meaningful employment.

There is evidence that omega-3 fatty acids can drastically reduce the symptoms of these disorders and improve the cognitive function needed to learn and retain information.9 Improved focus, mental clarity, memory retention, and impulse control have all been reported with the consistent use of fish oil supplements such as HeartMaxx.

Dementia and Alzheimers Disease

Dementia refers to the general loss of memory and deline of cognitive functioning typically associated with advancing age. This can result in forgetfulness, personality changes, and an impairment in proper reasoning ability. In severe cases, dementia progresses to full-blown Alzheimers disease. More than 3 million Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimers disease annually, and these individuals frequently require round the clock care due to the severe nature of the disease.

Research studies like the study by The Cochrane Review indicates that proper levels of omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the prevention of dementia related diseases. Having low levels of EPA and DHA are risk factors for age-related cognitive decline. Omega-3 fatty acids such as those found in HeartMaxx provide the following benefits for the brain:

1. Keeping brain cell membranes flexible 2. Providing proper neurotransmitter travel 3. Balancing enzymes that help break down neurotransmitter by-products 4. Maintenance of healthy brain hormone production

Infertility is a common problem in the United States. An estimated 6% of married women over the age of 18 have difficulty getting pregnant or maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to have a positive effect on the female reproductive system11 as well as the quality of a mans sperm. Additionally, inflammation can prevent pregnancy from occurring. Therefore, the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of fish oil are important. The fatty acids in fish oil also increase sperm count and help boost sperm motility as well.10

After pregnancy is achieved, the regular use of an omega-3 rich supplement such as HeartMaxx provides a healthy dose of essential fatty acids that promote proper fetal brain development throughout the pregnancy.

While the powerful HeartMaxx supplement was designed with todays active male in mind, it is easy to see that our product can benefit people of both genders and all age groups. Whether your goal is to lose weight and keep it off or alleviate depression, HeartMaxx has something to offer everyone.

If any of these goals appeal to you, the regular use of HeartMaxx is a good place to start on your quest for better health:
* Weight loss * Improvement in acne * Reduced risk of heart disease * Better circulation * Reduction of vision disorders * Improved immune function * Reduced risk of depression and anxiety * Increased fertility * Healthy pregnancy and healthy fetal development * Decreased risk of diabetes

and so much more!

The bottom line is that with our stressful and hectic lifestyles, it can be difficult to maintain the kind of diet that contributes to superior health. Many of us are deficient in essential fatty acids, and this leads to a long road of health issues that impact our lives in a variety of ways.

The addition of a supplement such as HeartMaxx can provide you with the essential fatty acids needed to protect all aspects of your health for years to come, helping you get the most out of life.

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HeartMaxx Daily Omega 3 Optimal Heart Health Supplement

Omega-3 Support for Cardiovascular Wellness

EPA, or eicosapentaenoic acid, helps the body make anti-inflammatory messenger molecules called prostaglandins.

HeartMaxx Omega-3 can help reduce fatty acids that can cause everything from dry skin and hair to depression and cardiovascular problems.

HeartMaxx Daily Optimal Heart Health Supplement

At HealthyMale, we make products that are specially designed to meet men’s unique health needs. All of our products are crafted with only the finest quality ingredients, and HeartMaxx is no exception. This supplement contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to play an important role in cardiovascular protection and overall wellness.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, these essential fatty acids can reduce damaging inflammation in the body and may help reduce the risk of heart disease, arthritis and even cancer. A deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids can cause everything from dry skin and hair to depression and cardiovascular problems. The body does not make its own omega-3 fatty acids, therefore, it’s necessary to get them from food and/or supplementation.

The Mediterranean Diet has been touted as a heart-healthy eating plan however, it can be difficult to ensure you’re getting the ideal amount of omega-3 fatty acids with each meal. And if you’re someone who doesn’t like fish or only eats it once in a while, it’s going to be even more difficult to consume adequate amounts of this essential fatty acid. That’s why HealthyMale created HeartMaxx — to help men get the ideal amount of omega-3s every day. This naturally-sourced supplement contains:
• Fish Oil — 1000mg
• EPA (from fish oil) — 180mg
• DHA — 120mg

These three ingredients make HeartMaxx a complete omega-3 supplement. EPA, or eicosapentaenoic acid, helps the body make anti-inflammatory messenger molecules called prostaglandins. By getting enough EPA, you can help your body keep harmful inflammation at bay. DHA, or dohosahexaenoic acid, plays an important role in proper brain function and health. Deficiencies of DHA have been linked to conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, and may increase the severity of multiple sclerosis. In fact, as much as 12 percent of our brain is made of DHA.

Omega-3 fatty acids aren’t just good for the heart and brain, but the rest of your body as well. Other conditions that may respond favorably to the effects of omega-3s include:
• Skin disorders
• Osteoporosis
• Lupus
• Colon cancer
• Macular degeneration
• Prostate cancer

So many of the body’s problems are thought to stem from inflammation — recent research has even pointed to a link between inflammation and depression. Other studies have noted that some sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis may be able to reduce the amount of NSAIDs taken for pain and inflammation by supplementing with fish oil.

Of course, if you have any medical conditions or are on medication, get approval from your physician before taking any supplement of any kind. HeartMaxx is designed to be taken with meals, one to three times daily. The fish oil in this supplement is derived from cold-water fish like salmon, anchovy, sardines and herring. It contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives we also don’t use yeast, sugar, starch or artificial coloring. You can trust that any supplement you choose from HealthyMale is crafted to the highest quality standards for health and safety. We offer a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with our products.

All Natural Ingredients

Calories 10 Calories from Fat 10 Total Fat 1 g
Fish Oil (typically providing 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA) 1000 mg
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 180 mg
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 120 mg
* Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: Gelatin (bovine), vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate as a stabilizer), glycerin, and purified water.


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