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Using Meditation to Accomplish This Year’s Goals

As the new year begins, it’s time to take a look at your growth mindset for the year. Meditation can help you achieve new goals, whether these are for your health, marriage, business or family. 

“A growth mindset is focused on your ability to achieve different results by using different actions, versus a static mindset that expects the same results even with varied activity,” clarifies Stephanie Thoma, Hypnotherapist & Meditation Facilitator. “The key here is to set the intention of growing in order to make that mindset possible for yourself.” 

Set Time to Meditate

John Sovec, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, shares this advice, “When starting a meditation practice, it is often best to start with a guided practice. This can be with a teacher or using one of the myriad of powerful meditation apps now available. Committing to a daily practice is a lofty goal but perhaps when starting out commit to a 3-5 session which can last anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

For most of the people that I work with this quickly expands into a daily practice as they notice that their stress levels decrease dramatically, their ability to focus and concentrate rises, and they come to enjoy a few quiet moments of meditation as a vacation from the bust demands of their lives.”

Use Positive Self Talk

“The basics of mediation teach us that the majority of our stressors originate from man’s three basic fears: fear of poverty, fear of ill health and fear of rejection,” explains Jami Carder, RN and Certified Nama Shivaya Meditation teacher.

“A great daily mantra that I like to use is, I am happy. I am healthy. I am abundant. By repeating these three short sentences you are sending your goals to the universe, as well as retraining your inner-narrative. With repetitive positive self talk, we can rewire faulty thought processes to basically reset our way of thinking.”

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