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VitalityMaxx Boost Your Libido!

Why Should I Buy VitalityMaxx from HealthyMale?

VitalityMaxx is a 100 percent natural herb and vitamin capsule that is used to improve natural male enhancement. The ingredients are carefully chosen, so they enhance one another and help males relax during sexual activity. VitalityMaxx works naturally with your body to improve circulation and blood flow. When you take this capsule, the components have been proven to increase the size and strength of your erections. Your erections will feel more rigid, bigger and tighter. If you are one of the thousands of men today, who experience erectile dysfunction, you now have a choice. A choice to select a traditional medication, or a choice to select a homeopathic solution. While there are many advantages to both approaches, here are the top benefits for VitalityMaxx.

It Improves Health
A healthy sex life is one element of your overall well-being. The Urology Journal Study states that men with erectile dysfunction (ED) have a higher incidence of depressive symptom. When you experience erectile dysfunction, things such as increased anxiety and lack of sleep often affect self-esteem. VitalityMaxx helps reduce the stress that can accompany the pressure of less than stellar sexual performance.

Its Scientifically Proven
For centuries upon centuries, people have relied on natural remedies such as plants, flowers and herbs to help with medical issues. Erectile dysfunction is no exception. Lab tests and studies, like the one from Gour Central University, have now proven natural botanical extracts combined with modern pharmaceutical technologies - can improve sexual performance, increase longevity and heighten pleasure.1

Its All Natural & Safe for Every Diet
Because Max -V Performance Enhancement includes the largest concentration attainable from over 10 natural herbs, including epimedium, or horny goat weed, it is a completely safe solution, without any side effects. There are not any hormones, preservatives, artificial ingredients, fillers, binders, jitters, antibiotics, gluten, wheat, soy, fat, dairy, or sugar included. In addition, there arent any chemicals are drug stimulants added so it is 100 percent natural.

It Boosts Testosterone
The bad news is that testosterone levels commonly decrease with age, and fall faster the older you get. But the good news is the desire for sexual pleasure is normally not affected. VitalityMaxx assists in closing the gap that exists between sexual desire and performance by enhancing testosterone levels.

It Enhances Your Libido
As another benefit, VitalityMaxx has been reported to increase individuals libido, as well as support reproductive health. Males are in their sexual prime much younger than women, so why not enhance your sex drive for even more pleasure?

It Offers You a Choice
There are many erectile dysfunction remedies on the market today. Some are very expensive. Some produce questionable results. Others contain artificial ingredients and manufactured chemicals. But now you have a choice. Why not choose the purest, most efficient product that offers maximum results?

Why Would Anyone Need VitalityMaxx?

VitalityMaxx is used to treat a variety of conditions. It is designed for any man who is looking to:

Increase Stamina
Improve Libido
Boost Energy
Improve Sexual Performance

VitalityMaxx is also used to enhance both physical and mental performance by improving drive, growth, stamina, strength, and recovery. There are no side effects, and VitalityMaxx will also improve males staying time. Because these herbs relax you, you wont have the problem of premature ejaculation. Staying time is paramount to a mans sexual health. If he has a sense of calm, it will enhance the experience for both himself and his partner. If a man has improved sexual prowess, his self-confidence will skyrocket. If he isnt confident in his ability to get or keep an erection, itll affect how he views his whole life. VitalityMaxx helps him take control once again.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction causes can range from medical, physical, or emotional problems a person might have. A few conditions that the University of Maryland believes are are linked to ED are:

High Blood Pressure
Heart Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Trauma to the Genital Area
Alcohol or Drug Use
Lack of Exercising
Some Prescription Drugs 2

How Does VitalityMaxx Improve Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where a male either cant keep an erection firm enough to engage in intercourse, cant achieve an erection at all, or goes soft halfway through sex. This is a common problem that routinely affects every man at one point or another. However, if this becomes a regular problem, you should see your physician. VitalityMaxx improves the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction by helping enhance a males testosterone level. When a male starts to get aroused, the arteries in his penis allow increased blood flow by widening and relaxing. They expand while the veins that take blood away from the penis compress, and this restricts the blood flow and this results in an erection. VitalityMaxx will help increase this blood flow so he can stay erect, and will also boost testosterone so the male will feel more sexual urges. This helps him become erect quicker and stay erect longer.

What are the Health Benefits of Taking VitalityMaxx?

Physical Improvements

Improved Immunity. People who have sex one to two times a week have higher levels of the disease-fighting agent immunoglobulin A (IgA) present in their blood. This agent is the first line of defense against any bacteria or viruses, and they come into play at the bacterias entry point. If there are many presents, they can get rid of the problem before your immune system kicks in.3

Heart Health. Research shows that men who have sex at least two times a week are over 40 percent less likely to develop heart disease. A study in Israel found that women who have two orgasms a week were 30 percent less likely to have a stroke or symptoms of heart disease. Sex can also lower your blood pressure, and it may even reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

Improve Bone Strength. When women go through menopause, they suffer from low estrogen levels and brittle bones. A regular sex life curbs this because estrogen is released during intercourse and can help keep bones strong. The same goes for males and testosterone levels.

Reduces the Risk of Prostate Cancer. Nottingham University ran several studies and found that men over 50 who enjoy regular sex lives because the prostate gets flushed of any lingering toxins that could turn cancerous.

Headache Cure. The hormones that are released during sex, particularly Oxytocin, can work to cure a headache and arthritis pain in both males and females.

Boost Your Natural Anti-Aging Serum. Sex promotes skin renewal because it is a healthy form of exercise says studies by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. It gets the oxygenated blood circulating your body, and this pushes new skin cells to the surface at a quick pace resulting in fewer wrinkles, and a healthy glow.

Boost Fertility. Research has found that the more you have intercourse, the higher your sperm count is. Sperm health was shown to be at its peak two days after intercourse, and decreasing ten days later.

Lower Your Incontinence Risk. Good sex is a workout for any womans pelvic floor muscles as these are the muscles that spasm and contract with orgasms. These muscles being weak is what leads to leakage and incontinence.

Mental Improvements 4

Stress Relief. Intercourse signals your body to release chemicals that make you feel good. A study published in the Psychology journal found that any individuals who had sex in the past 24 hours did better with stressful situations.

Reduce Your Insomnia. One of the chemicals released during sex is called Oxytocin, and this chemical floods your system and leaves you relaxed and sleepy. Banish Your Depression. Since sex raises your heart rate, this will trigger your brain to release feel-good hormones and chemicals. The chemical Serotonin will rise, and this will lift your mood. Serotonin is the bodys primary depression fighting agent, and this floods your body during sex.

Self Esteem Improvement. A University of Texas recent study showed that people who had and enjoyed sex had a better body image and were more self-confident in their daily lives.

Increase Your Sex Appeal. A group of the chemicals that are released during intercourse are called pheromones, and the cool thing about pheromones is they increase the opposite sex attraction in you.

Increase Intimacy. Having sex releases Oxytocin, and this chemical will help you feel more connected to your partner. The more sex you have, the deeper the connection will feel.

How is VitalityMaxx Different?

VitalityMaxx comes in a capsule form that is easier to swallow. It is designed to dissolve quickly and provide quick response time. As soon as you begin to see results, you expect continuous improvement for your erectile dysfunction problem. Since VitalityMaxx is an all natural herb and vitamin mix, you can take it with alcohol. This will also help negate any effects the alcohol could have on a males performance. This supplement is safe for men of all ages, whether they are young and having confidence issues or an older man who needs a little help. VitalityMaxx will boost your libido and sexual health, no matter the age. VitalityMaxx uses a mix of herbs and vitamins that have been utilized by both men and women in Chinese Herbal medicine. These mixes have been around for centuries, and have proven to work. It will also boost your overall energy so you can everything accomplished you need to in a day, and it increases your muscle hardness and strength.

Why is Viagra Different from VitalityMaxx?

Lets address the pricing. Viagra can be incredibly expensive averaging $70 a pill currently. Not to mention the CoPays, and time invested in the doctors and pharmacy. What is your time worth? The convenience and low cost of VitalityMaxx makes it an extremely enticing offer.

Viagra is the worlds leading pharmaceutical erectile dysfunction pill. However, Viagra can have serious side effects, no matter how healthy the man is when he starts taking it. Viagra capitalizes on men developing adrenopause, which is where the levels of testosterone in their body start to decline. This change starts to affect men who are 35 to 45 years old. Viagra has held a monopoly over this part of a mans life for decades, and thanks to media presence, Viagra is one of the most recognized erectile dysfunction cures in the world. Viagra is prescribed by your family care physician, and this opens the door for men to talk about their sexual health, something that is rarely done as men dont have Gynecologists as women do. Viagra is also marketed as fast-acting and claims to have the ability to repair failing relationships. Viagra does have something that VitalityMaxx doesnt however, and that is potentially deadly side effects.

is the wave of the future for safe, natural erectile dysfunction curing aids. It is GMO-free and there are no surprise side effects like you could get with prescription erectile dysfunction aids. VitalityMaxx can also be ordered online and shipped straight to your door in one discreet package, so no more embarrassment. If youre having issues and have talked to your doctor, try VitalityMaxx. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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VitalityMaxx Provides a Natural Alternative for Erectile Dysfunction and Increases Libido

For the thousands of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, our herbal supplement means you donít have to continue suffering. VitalityMaxx offers a solution and an alternative to pharmaceutical medicines and homeopathics. Our product contains a selection of herbs, vitamins and minerals to support erectile health and restore vitality to your body.

VitalityMaxx improves health and can bring back a healthy and positive sex life.

Enhancing your quality of life and helping to improve your relationships. Low erectile vitality can also contribute to problems that spill over into the rest of your life, causing compounded health issues, decreasing your self-esteem and making you experience anxiety or insomnia. Our product not only benefits male sexual health, but it can also help to decrease stress stemming from erectile dysfunction or from other aspects of your life.

People have used plants and herbs as medicine for millennia, including for issues like virility and enhanced sexual performance. In recent times, science and research have begun proving the effectiveness of herbal and botanical medicines. They can work alone or in combination with pharmaceuticals to return your sexual health to a flourishing state, increasing both your stamina and sense of pleasure.

VitalityMaxx has the most comprehensive assortment of herbs and natural ingredients available on the market today, and it offers a relatively safe solution to erectile dysfunction without side effects. Our product is free from hormones, stimulants and chemicals as well as antibiotics, fillers and artificial ingredients, remaining an all-natural product through and through thatís safe to combine with all types of diets.

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction is a decreased level of testosterone, which normally drops as we age. While, unfortunately, testosterone levels continue to drop as age increases, we often still feel sexual desire and crave a healthy sex life. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, VitalityMaxx can help you recover the physical component that can bring you closer to the sexual pleasure you seek but may have trouble bringing to fruition. The components included in this natural supplement increase testosterone to levels that bring sexual virility back into your life.

VitalityMaxx can help to Restore your Libido

Our combination of natural ingredients can offer you other benefits, too. Even if your desire for sexual pleasure has decreased, VitalityMaxx can help to restore your libido as well. Moreover, it can help to enhance your reproductive health, providing urinary tract support. Our unique combination can help you feel like a much younger man, closer to your sexual prime with a strong libido and greater overall wellness. With so many erectile health products available, costing extremely high prices and others without scientific backing, we offer a product with pure, natural ingredients that work.


Niacin acts as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow and bringing more oxygen to your entire body. This can aid in keeping an erection, as decreased blood flow can often play a part in erectile dysfunction. Niacin is a B vitamin known for increasing energy levels too, and it can also enhance overall well-being by providing support for joint health as well as lowering cholesterol levels, decreasing your risk of heart disease and improving memory function.


Science has also shown a link between erectile dysfunction and decreased levels of zinc in the body. For men, the prostate contains the highest concentration of zinc in the body, and men with low erectile function often have low levels of zinc. This vitamin plays an essential role in building testosterone and creating sperm, making supplementation with it a necessity for most men suffering with difficulty sustaining an erection. Zinc also supports the immune system and is already well-known for reducing stress.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali is an herb made from the roots of a Southeast Asian tree, and people have used it medicinally for centuries. Often referred to as Asian Viagra, it already has a reputation for enhancing male sexual health and working as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Not only does it enhance virility by boosting testosterone levels, it also increases libido and desire. Additionally, itís known as a sexual performance enhancer, giving you the ability not just to maintain an erection but to increase your sexual staying power and please your partner.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed provides many health benefits in addition to increased sexual vitality. People using it as folk medicine have taken it as an aphrodisiac throughout history, and men have also used it for a wide array of male sexual health problems including not just erectile dysfunction but also for premature ejaculation. Scientific studies have demonstrated that icariin, the effective ingredient in horny goat weed, works just as effectively in treating erectile dysfunction as pharmaceuticals. This herb also provides support to detoxifying organs like the kidneys, and it protects the cardiovascular system as well.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa

Like horny goat weed, xanthoparmelia scabrosa has a history in folk medicine for its use as an aphrodisiac. This nutrient remains a common ingredient in male sexual enhancement formulas, and it seems to work by inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), a compound that men with erectile dysfunction generally have low levels of. Xanthoparmelia scabrosaís main benefits appear to be aiding men in obtaining a strong erection and increasing sexual stamina. This herb works by relaxing the penisís muscles and allowing more blood to flow through it.

Cnidium Monnieri

Made from a Chinese plant, cnidium monnieri has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine not just for sexual health but also for the treatment of skin disorders. It acts to enhance libido and increase sexual desire, and people have also used it to treat erectile dysfunction as well as infertility. Cnidium monnieri seems to act by increasing blood flow to the penis. This herb also shows evidence that it may inhibit the growth of tumors and aid in building stronger bones.

Mucuna Pruriens

This herb grows mainly in India and has a reputation for enhancing sexual health based on its historical use as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. It benefits overall wellness, especially brain health, by providing the body with a compound called levodopa, which we use to make neurotransmitters. Because of this, mucuna pruriens can help to reduce stress levels, benefitting men with decreased sexual virility who may suffer from anxiety about their sexual performance.

Guarana extract

Guarana grows in South and Central America, and it has a number of additional health benefits besides affecting sexual health and performance. This extract contains a natural form of caffeine, and it works by increasing both mental clarity and physical stamina. People already use it widely as an energy supplement, and some evidence shows that it can work as an to enhance overall energy levels in a much more sustained way than coffee. People have also used it successfully as a weight-loss supplement, and it may benefit and support other body systems as well, having found use in the treatment of other health conditions like fatigue and low blood pressure.


Dehydroepiandroserone or DHEA supplementation can improve a number of physical health conditions in addition to treating erectile dysfunction. Its reputation comes from the fact that it may reverse many of the conditions associated with aging. DHEA is an adrenal hormone, and it may also work in the treatment of adrenal insufficiency, improving overall energy levels and decreasing fatigue. Studies have shown DHEA to have a positive effect on autoimmune disorders such as lupus as well as mood disorders like chronic depression. Ongoing studies are also searching for a possible link between DHEA supplementation and benefits to the cardiovascular system in addition to researching its potential ability to treat brain disorders like Alzheimerís.

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng has a long history of use as an overall energy booster, having the ability to increase physical stamina as well as an provide users with an overall feeling of increased energy. Historically, this plant has found use in the treatment of impotence, and research conducted within the last 20 years has shown that study participants with erectile dysfunction have experienced a reduction of symptoms and an increase in erection longevity using ginseng. In addition, evidence shows promise that ginseng can help moderate blood sugar levels and boost cognition and mental function.


Eleutherococcus is a plant used for enhancing energy and increasing brainpower, and it works as an adaptogen, helping the body cope with stress and stabilizing many of our physical processes. It reduces fatigue, increases stamina and protects the body from degeneration resulting from maladaption to stress and excessive anxiety. Eleutherococcus increases the flow of blood throughout the body, having a positive effect on the penis as well, potentially allowing it to sustain a harder and longer erection, and itís reported to increase sexual desire as well.

Avena Sativa

The avena sativa herb is also commonly referred to as oat straw, and it makes up the stem of the oat plant whose grains we normally eat. This supplement benefits both menís and womenís sexual health. Like a number of the other compounds in VitalityMaxx, it also has a history of use as an aphrodisiac, counteracting the effects of low libido and enhancing sexual desire for both sexes. Avena sativa has a relaxing effect on the body, and it also supports cardiovascular health and contains beneficial minerals like iron and zinc.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmettoís health benefits stem from the plantís fruit, and it has many uses in medicine including treating enlarged prostate symptoms and infections of the prostate gland. Some people have also used the herb in the treatment of prostate cancer. It works to relax the body, and some of its benefits in the treatment of erectile dysfunction may derive from its relaxation effect.

Rhodiola Rosea

The use of rhodora rosea goes back many hundreds of years, dating all the way back to the first century, when people used it to increase both physical stamina and endurance as well as to treat respiratory illnesses. Sports medicine has also incorporated it for decades for its ability to boost athletic performance. Researchers have ongoing studies examining the herbís ability to decrease depression and increase the brainís ability to transport serotonin.

Wild Yam

A chemical in this plant called diosgenin is what provides most of its health benefits, acting as an artificial hormone thought to stimulate additional hormone production in the body. Wild yam itself provides a relaxing effect to the body, and it may also aid proper digestion and optimize functioning of organs like the gall bladder and liver. Scientists have researched another component of the plant, dioscoretine, for its potential ability to lower blood sugar.


Another vasodilator, L-arginine can improve overall blood flow, aiding men with erectile dysfunction by allowing an increased amount of blood into the penis. Because of this effect, people also take L-arginine for supporting the heart and vascular system, one of its most common uses. It supports the kidneysí detoxification functions, and it can also provide support for the immune system. L-arginine may interact with prescription treatments for erectile dysfunction or cause low blood pressure, so check with your doctor before taking it.

Maca Root

Maca has gained recognition in the field of health and wellness for its ability to increase energy levels naturally and because it contains many vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the body needs for optimal functioning. Most especially, itís high in B-complex vitamins, magnesium and calcium. This herb also acts as an adaptogen, helping protect the body from stress and providing a calming effect without causing drowsiness.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a plant with a long history of enhancing sexual desire for both sexes, and some research points to its ability to raise testosterone levels as well. Athletes and bodybuilders have used it to increase muscle mass and strength, and it has been widely used to enhance sexual performance.

Muira Puama

This herb comes from the bark and root of the muira puama plant, and it also has a history of use for supporting sexual health and increasing libido, and scientific research backs its ability to combat erectile dysfunction. It provides more sustained erections due to its ability to allow more blood into the pelvis, and long-term use can increase testosterone production in men.

All Natural Ingredients:

Niacin, Zinc, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, Cnidium Monieri, Mucuna Pruriens, Guarana Extract, DHEA, Panax Ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Avena Sativa, Saw Palmetto, Rhodiaola Rosea, Wild Yam, Arginine, Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama,

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