168 Capsules - Plenity is a prescription medicine used to treat the symptoms of Obesity. Plenity may be used alone or with other medications. The Plenity Capsule has the imprint GELESIS 100 and is Orange in color. The Capsule-shaped is identified as Plenity superabsorbent hydrogel. It is supplied by Gelesis.

3 Capsule per meal = 1 dose



Plenity Description

Plenity™ is an oral capsule that promotes fullness and may help to increase satiety to help patients manage their weight. Plenity is nonsystemic and works directly in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Plenity is made from two natural ingredients, cellulose and citric acid, that form a three-dimensional matrix designed to occupy volume in the stomach and small intestine, to create a sensation of fullness.

Each Plenity capsule contains thousands of superabsorbent hydrogel particles (0.75 grams [g] per capsule), and each particle is approximately the size of a grain of salt. Patients consume three (3) capsules (2.25 g/dose) with water before both lunch and dinner.

The capsules disintegrate in the stomach and release the Plenity particles, which can hydrate up to 100 times their original weight. When fully hydrated, the individual nonclustering Plenity particles occupy about a quarter of average stomach volume. The gel particles mix with ingested foods, creating a larger volume with higher elasticity and viscosity in the stomach and small intestine, promoting satiety and fullness.

Plenity passes through the digestive system, maintaining its three-dimensional structure in the stomach and small intestine before breaking down in the colon. The water is then released and reabsorbed by the body. Plenity particles are eliminated through normal bowel movements (not absorbed).

Important Patient Information

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Prescribing Information

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