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10 Home Remedies to Naturally Improve Menís Sex Drives

Low sex drives, although frustrating, can be common in men of all ages. Although, low sex drives are more common in older men and in men who are in poor shape. This article contains ten ways in which men can naturally boost their sex drive with the use of supplements, exercise, and dietary and lifestyle changes. Keep reading to learn how to boost your sex drive and testosterone levels naturally at home.

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The omega-3 fatty acid is most commonly found in fish. If globulin levels are too high, testosterone will not be able to travel around the body. Low testosterone levels are one of the largest contributors to having a low sex drive.
Simply add more fish to your diet. Try to eat fish at least three times a week. If you are a vegetarian, you can instead gain omega-5 fatty acids from walnuts, eggs, or dark leafy greens.

2. Yoga

One practice that can naturally improve a manís sex drive is yoga. High-stress levels can lower a manís sex drive. By doing yoga, which is both a good relaxer for the mind and body, a manís sex drive can increase.
Yoga can also encourage weight loss. Men who are overweight tend to have lower sex drives By being at a healthy weight, a man is more likely to also have a healthy sex drive. Try practicing yoga four times a week to gain its benefits.

3. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a natural depressant, so it can make it difficult to have sex. Many men have had first-hand experiences of struggling to get hard after a long night of drinking. While men do not need to avoid drinking entirely, it is best to avoid drinking on days which they want to have sex. Also, it can be beneficial to drink no more than three drinks each day, whether they are having sex or not.

4. Use Natural Soaps

Certain chemicals can harm a manís sex drive; many of these unhealthy chemicals can be found in soaps. To avoid having your soaps and other toiletries, like deodorant and shaving cream, affect a manís sex drive, it is best to use all-natural products instead.
If you do not want to use all-natural toiletries for everything, you should still use all-natural body soaps, as this is the soap that is most likely to affect a manís sex drive.

5. L-Arginine

L-Arginine is a type of amino acid that helps support healthy blood flow throughout the body. This can help with many issues, including improving a manís sex drive, even if he has erectile dysfunction.

6. Chocolate

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is known to work as an aphrodisiac in both men and women. Eating chocolate releases the feel-good chemical, serotonin, into your brain. This helps to improve mood, which can also help to improve sex drive.
To use chocolate as a home remedy, simply eat a few pieces of dark chocolate candy shortly before having sex. Giving chocolate to your partner, whether they are a man or woman, can also help to boost their sex drive. However, do not gorge yourself on chocolate, as then you may not feel well enough to have sex.

7. Garlic

Garlic is known as a home remedy cure-all. Eating garlic can help to reduce inflammation and it can encourage healthy blood flow throughout the body, like L-Arginine. To use this home remedy, you can simply add more garlic to your meals.
It should be noted that this home remedy may not work overnight. Like many other home remedies, you will need to gradually add garlic to your meals on a weekly basis; this way, you will see an improvement in your sex drive over time.

8. Get More Sleep

Sometimes, men are simply too tired to have sex. Not sleeping often enough, or well enough, at night can hurt a manís sex drive. Try to aim for about eight solid hours of sleep a night. If you have a sleeping disorder, like sleep apnea or insomnia, you will need to treat it before you will see an improvement in your sex drive.
To improve their quality of sleep, men should sleep in a dark room with no distractions. Turn your phone off at night. By getting more sleep, men will feel better rested and will have more energy to fuel their sex drives.

9. Zinc

Zinc is one of the many minerals that help to boost testosterone levels. By improving testosterone levels, you will, in turn, improve your sex drive. There are a couple of different ways to improve your zinc intake. One way is to take zinc supplements. If you are to do this, make sure you use the supplements as directed.
Another way to improve your zinc intake is to eat foods that are naturally rich in zinc. Some of these foods include seafood, beef, dark leafy greens, seeds, nuts, chicken, and beans. Simply add more of these foods to improve your zinc levels, testosterone levels, and sex drive.

10. Vitamin D

Taking in enough vitamin D can also help to improve sex drive, as well as sperm count. Like Zinc, vitamin D also comes in supplements, which should be taken as directed. Alternatively, you can also eat foods that are naturally high in vitamin D, like fish, shrimp, eggs, mushrooms, and dairy products.
Try some of these home remedies to improve your sex drive naturally.

About the Author: Mark Delano is the Managing Editor and handles all day to day operations for He is a personal fitness trainer, nutritionist and avid mountain biker who also enjoys exploring the trails of Arizona. Besides his everyday duties at HealthyMale, Mark is also a guest columnist for several blogs related to men's health.

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