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Using your mind, body and spirit to help your ED

Some men think Erectile Dysfunction is a normal part of getting older; the good news is itís not and there are ways to correct it.

First, you need to understand your experience with ED. If youíre able to maintain an erection 75% of the time, chances are your issue is situational, not biological.

Dealing with situational erectile dysfunction can mean changing your diet and exercise routine, there are also psychological factors to take into consideration also.

The first step is to let go of any guilt and shame, itís not your fault, and itís ok to be upset about it. This is going to be the first step in dealing with any kind of erectile dysfunction.

Next, begin to explore your relationship history. Was there infidelity? A physical or even emotional affair can create a mental blockage. People facing this should consider couples therapy and open communication to move through it.

Did the ED begin when kids arrived? Some men have difficulty expressing their erotic side once they step into a father role. What are the power dynamics like in your relationship? Men can sometimes feel emasculated if the balance is off, making them unable to achieve an erection. Is there other stress in life like a career change or financial hardship? The best way to work through these issues is to properly communicate them to your partner.

Itís also important to explore your workout routine and diet. Proper exercise can increase testosterone levels in men; specifically, ones that work the lower body like squats and hip exercises work best for erectile dysfunction. Itís also a good idea to get your testosterone levels checked with a Urologist. Soy and dairy products can increase estrogen production, while paleo diets high in meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, while excluding dairy, grain and processed foods can boost testosterone. Consider adding mediation practice to your daily life to help move through any psychological barriers.

As always, the best way to fight Erectile Dysfunction is with a healthy, active, well-rounded lifestyle, visit where you can learn more.


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