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Does Maganesium Supplements help you sleep better?

Magnesium Deficiency in all ages of individuals can cause stress and sleeplessness. A study published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences in 2012 showed that elderly patients suffering from insomnia benefited from supplements of 500 mg per day of magnesium for eight weeks.

Restless leg Syndrome is a symptom of magnesium deficiency. Patients suffering from this disorder cannot get adequate sleep due to the severity of the symptoms when their legs move uncontrollably during the night. Magnesium supplementation has been shown to improve the symptoms of restless legs and leg cramps.

The biology behind understanding the nature of restless leg syndrome is that low magnesium levels in the body create a situation where there is insufficient electrical conduction to the neurons in the muscles.

For those who have never experienced the effects of restless leg syndrome, the symptoms can be severe and life changing. The patient is awoken repeatedly during the night with cramping in the legs making it impossible to sleep. Patients who present themselves to their doctor with symptoms of exhaustion sometimes do not correlate the interrupted pattern of sleep with their fatigue. Doctors will frequently send patients for sleep studies to see if patients exhibit signs of restless leg syndrome. By simply adding magnesium supplements to the patient's diet, the patient will experience calm and have a reduced occurrence of waking repeatedly through the night.

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Not only does magnesium give the patient relief from cramping leg muscles, magnesium has also been proven to promote deep sleep. Research shows that when patients take magnesium supplements regularly there is an increase in melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone which works to control the sleep cycle. The benefits of the magnesium supplement allow for sufficient levels of melatonin to promote a healthy sleep cycle for the patient.

Patients being treated for insomnia with magnesium supplements often report episodes of vivid dreaming. This is not so much the effects of the magnesium as the results of the deep sleep induced by raised magnesium levels in the body. When the patient is in a deeper sleep and not suffering the effects of insomnia, the deeper sleep cycle allows for more vivid dreaming.

Among other benefits magnesium supplement research has shown that magnesium can reduce cortisol. Cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress by the adrenal glands can be activated so much that the patient can suffer adrenal fatigue. Including magnesium in the diet can help reduce stress levels which in turn helps create a healthy sleep cycle. The levels of magnesium in the patient can lower just a small amount and the patient can show symptoms of muscle cramps and even irregular heartbeat. As a result just a small decrease in magnesium levels can precipitate episodes of insomnia. An increase in magnesium can benefit not only the muscles in the legs but also slow neuronal activities in the brain, in effect shutting out the activity and chatter in the brain and allowing the patient to get much needed rest and sleep. Not only does magnesium reduce cortisol but stress can itself reduce serum magnesium levels. There is a direct link between treating patients with magnesium supplements and thus reducing stress and insomnia.

In conclusion, the overall benefits of a diet supplemented with magnesium can reduce the severity of restless leg syndrome and leg cramps, help with reducing stress and ultimately create a healthier sleep cycle eliminating the exhaustion of insomnia. Magnesium deprivation can be diagnosed and treated by increasing magnesium levels through a combination of diet and supplements. Many foods are rich in magnesium and patients should be encouraged to research and include these foods in their daily diet.

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