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Fountain of Youth Found! Will Having Sex One Time per Week Slow Down the Aging Process?

How does Sex affect Aging?

A study showed that mothers who have sex at least once a week are slowing down their aging and enhancing their overall health. According to the research done by the University of California in San Francisco, it was found that those women who had sex once per week had longer telomeres than those that did not, and this promotes slow aging and enhances better mental and physical health. The study involved monitoring the sexual behavior of 129 women to come up with these results.

Also, women who have sex at least once a week had nucleoprotein caps at the end of DNA strands. They prevent chromosomes from deteriorating compared to those that did not have sex at least once a week.

Telomeres deteriorate and break down when person ages or due to poor diet and high consumption of alcohol. However, if one is physically active, eats well and as per the study have sex from time to time, it can profoundly help in mending and lengthening the telomeres. Telomeres have been proved to assist in extending a person's lifespan and keeping physical and mental health in good condition even when aging.

The satisfaction that one gets during sex, however, has nothing to do with the length of telomeres. A woman can have sex even without getting satisfied or enjoying the sexual act, but still, it will enhance the length of telomeres. Also, perceived stress has nothing to do with it.

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This study was only done for a short period, and it may need more monitoring to be proved. Other studies have emphasized on having sex once a week to be the best number of times to have sex with your companion, and it is therefore not a big and stressful sacrifice to make.

However, you should note that this study should not limit you to the number of times you have sex with your partner. This is just a minimum number stated on it, but you can enjoy having sex as much time as you wish.

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