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Learning About Amino Acids-Arginine

Arginine is also known as L-Arginine and is considered to be an amino acid that is semi-essential to the body. This amino acid has been found to be beneficial in variety of ways. Below is an overview of Arginine and its benefits.

Foods That Contain Arginine

Arginine is found in a variety of foods we eat every day. Some foods rich in this amino acid include:
Pumpkin Seeds
Dairy Foods

Arginine Supplements

It is also possible to boost arginine levels in the body by taking supplements. While there is no dosage set as a standard by the Food And Drug Administration, a common dose is no more than 3 grams daily.

Arginine Benefits

The list of benefits of Arginine is extensive. Some of the primary benefits of increasing your intake of this amino acid include:
Faster Wound Healing
Boosts The Immune System
Maintaining Healthy Hormone Function
Reduces Insulin Resistance
Promotes Collagen Production

Arginine Side Effects

While Arginine has not been associated with many side effects, there are a few that may occur when taking higher doses of this amino acid such as:
Possible Allergic Reactions
Low Blood Pressure

Arginine Risk Factors

It is important to speak with your doctor before increasing your Arginine intake if you have any pre-existing medical conditions such as:
Liver Problems
Kidney Disease
Sickle Cell Disease
History Of Heart Problems

Although rare, Arginine may cause interactions with certain medications including:
Certain Birth Control Methods
Blood Thinners
Hypertension Medications
Erectile Dysfunction Medicines

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Anyone who takes these medicines should consult their doctor before adding an Arginine supplement.

Arginine is a beneficial amino acid that has many health benefits. In addition to reducing symptoms associated with the above conditions, Arginine is known to improve the uptake of nitric Oxide. For this reason, Arginine is often found in pre-workout supplements designed to improve stamina, strength and energy. Increased levels of nitric oxide can also improve blood pressure and help those who have difficulty with erectile dysfunction. Women who take Arginine may have a reduced likelihood of developing a deficiency of the amino acid, which may ward off osteoporosis and bone loss.

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