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Tribulus Terresris (Devil's Thorn) - Natural Herbal Supplement to Increase Sexual Libido

Tribulus Terrestris, also called Devilís Thorn or Puncturevine, is an herb that acts as native ground cover in many parts of the world. The plantís seeds harden into sharp thorns that are notorious for puncturing bike tires and thin shoes. The plantís main use is as a supplement in strength enhancers, testosterone boosters, libido and sexual enhancers and various workout supplements. It is characterized as an adaptogen and has long been used in Ayurveda medicine.

Libido and Sexual Enhancement

While science does not favor Tribulus for many of its claimed uses, it does appear to be a strong libido enhancer. This was its primary use in Ayurveda. Men would take the herb to increase sexual performance, energy and stamina. It works particularly well to increase erectile function and may help to decrease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This may provide a natural alternative to common ED drugs on the market.

Testosterone Boosting Benefits

Another common use of Tribulus is as a testosterone booster. It is included in many natural testosterone boosting supplements. The science supporting its benefits to testosterone is not conclusive, but some studies have shown significant increases in free testosterone levels among men who supplemented with the herb.

The key to the testosterone boost seems to be the concentration of a specific chemical compound in the herb. These chemicals are known as saponins, and the magic number seems to be 40 percent concentration. Anything lower or higher than this, and the herb ends up being much less effective. While Tribulus is widely available, only plants harvested from specific areas of the world seem to have this important concentration. The regions of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey have proven to be reliable sources.

Additional Benefits

Several minor benefits have also been identified with Tribulus supplementation, although the herb is not usually marketed directly for any of these. A certain chemical component, tribulosin, was found to be a potent cardiovascular protector in lab studies. This means it may help improve and maintain heart health. Other investigations have shown similar oxidative protections for other major organs like the liver and kidneys. The science is inconclusive for these benefits, and there have been no formal trials, but early research is promising.

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Role of an Adaptogen

It is important when considering the benefits of Tribulus to understand the role of an adaptogen and how they affect the body. An adaptogenic herb works primarily to balance the hormones and systems of the body so that they function optimally. This means that the effect of the herb will depend primarily on the current state of the body, and that this effect will decrease over time as the body is brought back into balance. Adaptogens tend to be beneficial for overall health because hormone balance has a wide range of benefits. It also means that a person taking the supplement may wish to cycle on and off the herb in order to derive maximum benefit.

Overall, Tribulus has potential health benefits to those already suffering from hormone imbalances or sexual dysfunction. The herb needs more study in order to determine conclusive levels for dosage and treatment of various conditions.

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