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Understanding the Connection Between HGH and Sleep

It is common knowledge that adults need at least between eight and nine hours of sleep each night to feel truly rested and for their best health. However, perhaps the greatest reason behind that is the production of human growth hormones. There is actually a clear connection between HGH and sleep, and that is because they have a symbiotic relationship for humans to properly perform.

The body requires the right amount of sleep so that it can produce and secrete enough human growth hormone for the person to perform regular everyday activities. Interestingly enough, the ability to fall into a sleep that is plentiful and restful requires the right amount of HGH throughout the system during the day.

Not surprisingly, human growth hormone is one of the most absolutely essential chemicals in the human body.

There was a research study done at the University of Chicago that uncovered that when men age from early adulthood to middle age, their quality of sleep decreases, and as a result, their bodies produce less HGH. The opposite is seen during puberty when boys going through puberty seem to need to sleep more during the day. This is due to their bodies requiring more human growth hormone so that they can reach maturity, in which excess sleep serves to aid that.

The connection between sleep and HGH is clear, as sleep benefits the human body in more ways than one and particularly helps support the production of human growth hormone.

When the body is in a deep sleep, HGH is slowly secreted by a cell in the pituitary gland. Almost half of a dayís worth of HGH production is acquired during the deep sleep cycle. If a personís sleep is interrupted due to insomnia, sudden awakening, or restlessness, the body may not be able to perform its normal secretion of HGH, resulting in the individual suffering throughout the day.

About the Author: Mark Delano is the Managing Editor and handles all day to day operations for He is a personal fitness trainer, nutritionist and avid mountain biker who also enjoys exploring the trails of Arizona. Besides his everyday duties at HealthyMale, Mark is also a guest columnist for several blogs related to men's health.

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