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What are BCAA Amino Acids?

There are some amino acids that act in a unique way, making them particularly useful for fitness. The most important ones for athletes are valine, leucine, and isoleucine, collectively called branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Their unique shape allows the body to use them in very special ways that don't apply to other amino acids.

Even though whey protein will naturally have BCAAs in it, they will be found in only limited amounts and be mixed with other amino acids. Different amino acids compete for absorption, meaning that your body will likely not get to use the full amount of BCAAs in protein.

Improved Endurance

Some athletes that need short power bursts face issues with glycogen depletion, which results in exhaustion. A recent study comparing the performance of 7 athletes doing workouts designed to completely deplete their supply of glycogen showed that those who were given BCAAs took 17.2 percent more time to get exhausted when compared to the placebo group.

Better Natural Fat Burning

BCAAs are able to protect glycogen by making the body choose fat as a fuel option. This is perfect for those who seek to lose body fat or who train on a low-carb diet.

Greater Muscle Growth

Leucine is especially helpful in this area, as it is able to increase muscle protein synthesis after workouts.

Better Recovery

As BCAAs improve muscle protein synthesis and help protect your muscles from damage, they also allow quicker recovery after workouts. This minimizes downtime and lets you stay on top of your routine.

Improved Mental Focus Abilities

Muscles aren't the only thing that matters for athletes. Long competitions require sharp focus and mental processing.

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