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What are the top 6 Super Fruit with Antioxidants?

About 610,000 people die from heart disease in the United States year. Nearly a quarter of adults still aren't getting enough sleep at night. An estimated 5.5 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer's disease.

You may be one of the many suffering from various health issues and are considering adopting a healthier lifestyle. Adding healthy habits to your daily routine doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, one of the easiest methods of introducing healthy foods into your diet is through super fruit.

What is a super fruit?

Fruit is full of the vitamins you need, but super fruits are some of the healthiest fruits that you can consume. Nutritionists like them because they have more vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals than other fruit.

Eating super fruits is a good way to help maintain your immune system. They can help you live longer, look better and prevent disease.

What's the best way to consume super fruit?

Since there are so many different super fruits on the market, the simplest way to get your daily antioxidants is through a daily supplement. Unfortunately, if you search, you'll notice that many super fruit antioxidant tablets are just too expensive. Many companies try to get you to pay $50 or more a month for their special formula.

That's unacceptable!

If you are looking for a high level fruit antioxidant in tablet form, look no further than Healthymale's JuiceMaxx super fruit supplements. They provide the highest antioxidant ingredients but their supplements are affordable so you don't have to break the bank while trying to get healthy. Healthymale's JuiceMaxx provides you with antioxidants from 6 major super fruits that help promote a healthier immune system. Our supplements have higher concentration of extracts which means more antioxidants and vitamin C can be consumed with each pill.

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JuiceMaxx is the ultimate Anti-Oxidant supplement

JuiceMaxx is a supplement for men formulated to provide you with an amount of antioxidants equal to roughly four servings of fruit daily, JuiceMaxx contains a targeted blend to boost your immune system and hormone production, support your joints, and enhance your mood and well being.

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In each pill, Healthymale's JuiceMaxx contains the following extracts:

Mangosteen - Within the last decade, mangosteen has been one of the most popular supplement ingredients on the market due to its anti-inflammatory benefits, ability to improve energy and improve your immune system. Some believe the benefits of mangosteens lie within the xanthones found in the juice, which are powerful antioxidants that get rid of germs within the body and fight against metabolic breakdown. Scientists have identified over 40 xanthones within mangosteen, most of which are found in the rind.

Acai - The acai berry constantly makes headlines for being one of the best superfoods that you can consume. It's packed with vitamins not limited to B1, B2, B3, and vitamins C and E. Eating acai can give you higher energy levels, improve your immune system, help improve your mental function and improve your health. Within the Healthymale's JuiceMaxx superfruit formula, we use a highly concentrated 4:1 acai extract for maximum potency.

Noni - Traditionally used for its immune boosting abilities and its anti-inflammatory properties, noni might be one of the most popular juices of the past decade. Most people hate its bitter taste but luckily for you, our product comes in capsules so you don't have to worry. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this amazing fruit without having to suffer through an unpleasant taste.

Goji Berry - Goji berries are jam-packed with antioxidants. They have more vitamin C than oranges and more beta-carotene than carrots. It's considered one of the top anti-aging fruits in the world and are known to improve your overall health.

Pomegranate - Possibly one of the most studied super fruits, pomegranates are one of the most nutritious fruits you can consume. In fact, pomegranates are said to have three times more antioxidants than green tea. They are full of punicalagins, extremely powerful antioxidants that are found in the juice and peel.

Resveratrol - If you don't quite like red wine but you'd still like to reap the benefits of drinking it, look no further than resveratrol. It's quickly becoming one of the most popular supplements on the market due to it's link with increasing endurance and prolonging life in laboratory animals.

Proprietary Fruit blend - With each Healthmale JuiceMaxx supplement, you can find an array of super fruit extracts various berries, grape seeds, and cherries.

Purchase Healthmale's JuiceMaxx if you are looking for highly concentrated extracts from the best super fruits at an affordable price. Healthmale offers you the best product on the market at a price you can afford.

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