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Why you should be a morning person

What do Virgin founder, Richard Branson, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Starbucks CEO Time Cook all have in common? They all get up super early! There is a lot of evidence that shows early morning wakeup is beneficial to your health and life!

1)You have more time to eat a healthy well balanced breakfast:

If you wake up late the odds of you grabbing something fast and unhealthy on the way or not eating at all skyrockets. If you have time in the morning, you can make that well-rounded protein-packed meal! 2)Youíll get a better night sleep:
Itís important you get 7-9 hours of sleep per night! Getting into the habit of going to sleep early and waking up early youíre most likely getting into a natural sleep process.

3)Moderate intensity exercise

for 20+ minutes can boost you mentally and physically for up to 12 hours! Making you head clear, productive, and better at problem solving.

4)You can be more successful:

There has to be a reason that most CEOs and other successful entrepreneurs get up early. Because it works! Studies show employees who perform better in the mornings are much better positioned to move up in their careers!

5)You might weigh less:

The genetic testing company 23andMe studied almost 100,000 people and published that being an early bird is linked to having a lower body mass.
Does this evidence inspire you to wake up early in the morning? Let us know if youíre an early riser or night owl in the comment section below!


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